Just you and your native language teacher learning online at your own pace and convenience

Take private English, French or Spanish classes with a native and certified teacher starting at £12.79/hour.
Plus: an Academic Advisor dedicated to you, the best-in-class virtual classroom, and an innovative and personalised curriculum.

The most personalised language learning experience within everyone’s reach

Your Own Academic Advisor

Do you need to discuss your learning goals, change your lesson plan, or help with scheduling? Contact your personal Academic Advisor who is there to support and assist you in any way. No more customer support emails that end up in a black hole, unanswered. Learn more.

Best-in-Class Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom is specifically designed for language learning. Some of the features include: interactive whiteboard, quality video and audio, and integrated class materials, all in one place. Access the classroom through your web browser, no downloads required. Learn more.

Certified Native Instructors

Our teachers are not just native speakers: they are certified, experienced professionals who have been carefully selected to join the Iboux Education team. Book a class with your instructor at your convenience; we are available 24/7. Learn more.

Competency-Based Curriculum

Our modern and beautifully-designed curriculum focuses on mastery of practical, applicable and real-life skills. The curriculum is also CEFR compliant, from levels A1 to C2. No more learning abstract topics that are irrelevant outside of the classroom. Learn more.

Personal Lesson Plan

We are a step ahead of personalised education: we will create a Personal Lesson Plan (PLP) just for you. Everyone is a unique learner with different interests and goals. We will create a unique lesson plan to reflect that. Learn more.

Best Price/Quality Ratio

Private classes with your native, certified instructor + dedicated Academic Advisor + best-in-class virtual classroom + modern, competency-based curriculum + Personal Lesson Plan = starting at £12.79/hour. Learn more.

6 levels, all the flexibility in the world

Iboux offers 6 learning levels for every language, adhering to the the structure of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). While each level is normally completed in 40 to 50 private classes, you can learn at your own pace with the course contents customised to meet your own goals and specific learning needs (professional, academic or personal).

If you’ve studied the language that you want to learn with us, we will evaluate your current level during the trial class.

Languages Offered
Spanish French English
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Your teacher. Your schedule.

All of your classes will be taught by the teacher or teachers that you choose, at the time set up by you. You may cancel or reschedule any of your classes, or change your schedule completely, by simply giving us a 24-hour notice.

General English or Business English?

Starting at level B1, English learners may choose between the General English and the Business English programs. The latter focuses specifically on vocabulary and topics used in the world of business, finance and commerce.

Show your proficiency level

At the end of each learning level, you will take an exam to move on to the next one. Once you have passed the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion indicating the amount of class hours as well as the level you have completed within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).